Making Chocolate Moulds (Using a 3D printer and Mayku Formbox)

The idea for these chocolate bars came from Rachel and Jess at Hailed Coffee. In order for us to push forward and strive to be better, we need to be uniquely different. It’s important that we keep thinking and inventing. More often than not though, these ideas go straight to the bin and don’t ever get to the implementation/testing phase. This one was different! It started from our work on creating new flavours of chocolate bars. We had recently started testing a lemon crunch bar which led to a lemon, blueberry and meringue bar. Throughout the iterations, we thought about separating the crunch component and the flavour component. This led to the idea of making bars with ice cream flavours and crunchy, cone-like components. Better yet, what if these chocolate bars actually resembled an ice cream cone? Eureka!

Let’s meet the design team! Megan and her dad. Megan being the super duper smart human that she is, she designed a cone on Tinkercad with some of my specifications and sent it to her dad, who recently got a 3d printer for Christmas. We are not good enough (yet) nor do we want to spend more time deep diving in the world of design (yet). Typically, I have the kiddies at school or another friend of mine to help with design work, so there was never any need for us to do that – besides, we have a ga-giillion other things that we want to do like raising chickens and starting our own apiary (the birds and the bees, haha!).

Instead of trying to figure out how to do fancy gradients, we opted to make a fairly basic shape and then finish it off after printing by using clay. I think it worked out pretty well for a first iteration! Next, we’ll need to work on creating a softer slope on the ice cream part so that the drip will look a little better. Once the ice cream bar model was done, we vacuum formed it with the Mayku to create the mould. Once we had the mould, we simply cast the chocolate one after the other, (allowing the first to set before casting the next).

Next: Playing on some of traditional flavours that Rachel came up with, we want to do an orange creamsicle, Neapolitan, and lemon Italian ice bar. We hope to launch these chocolate bars soon at Hailed Coffee.

From the left: Lemon crunch “ice cream” bar and Raspberry crunch “ice cream” bar (not the best photo, but you get the idea!).
Second iteration of our ice cream bars. Notice the update to the waffle cone on the left (design by Kiara!)

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