About Us

Who are we and what is this blog?

Royce (@royce_li) wears many hats. Mostly figuratively. Except in the Winter when it’s cold. Royce completed a BEng in Electrical Engineering, after which he promptly threw his iron ring to the wind and began to pursue his passion in the kitchen. Fast forward a few years and Royce is a high school teacher by day (developing his own cooking and baking program – of course), chocolatier by night, and mentor/ support for countless competitions (including Culinary Team Canada Junior, Skills Ontario, World Chocolate Masters and Bocuse D’or Canada) in his “free time”.

Megan is a self-described food enthusiast. Lunch and snack breaks aside, her professional life has little to do with food; she has a PhD (also in engineering) and currently works as a researcher at a university. Much of her free time is spent: (a) in the kitchen with Royce, (b) at her favourite muay thai gym, or (c) at her parent’s homestead.

This blog is about us. Our projects, hobbies, and experiments.

Why “Smoothies and Sundaes”? Living with a chocolatier may sound great (and it is!), but we are firm believers in the importance of finding (or at least looking for) balance. Balance between decadence and nutrition, and balance between work and play. Most of our posts are about making food: sometimes healthy, sometimes not-so-much (always delicious!). But we also write about eating food, growing food, and sometimes other (somewhat unrelated) things like travel. We hope you’ll take the time to dig into some of our posts and see for yourself!