White Chocolate Brownie

This recipe is based on a popular dessert from my days working at Moxie’s a lifetime ago. Still a crowd favourite!

Chinese Bakery Buns

Backstory time: as we’ve mentioned in a few other posts lately, Megan and I have been making care packages for both sets of parents during the current pandemic. It has been a nice way for us to keep connected with family over the past few months. With Hong Kong-style cafes being closed right now my parents are unable to go out and enjoy their regular afternoon tea, so making Chinese bakery buns for our care packages was a no-brainer! We started to test recipes as early as March, and after a few iterations we can finally share this recipe with everyone.

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Oatmeal Cookies


Megan and I have been making quarantine care packages for both our parents and have started accepting requests. My sister asked for oatmeal cookies, so Megan and I referenced a few recipes and came up with a version of our own. This recipe involves a few extra steps and a little extra (hands-off) time, but in my opinion it does result in a tastier cookie.

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To all the granolas I’ve loved before


Granola, oh sweet, crunchy, snacky granola. What do I love about you? Let me see: (1) you are great for breakfast – good with milk, or add a bit to your yogurt and suddenly you can call it a parfait; (2) you are great for things besides breakfast too, sometimes Royce puts a little of you on a salad for a bit of crunch and sweetness; (3) you are an amazing way to clean up all those odds and ends in the pantry and a great excuse for a trip to the local bulk food store; and most, importantly, (4) you are a tasty, crunchy, and not totally unhealthy snack that I find suitable for any time of day.

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Our love for desserts — especially those by our friends at Roselle — has led us to start testing recipes for pavlova, inspired by the one that is impeccably done on their evening dessert menu. What is a Pavlova? Pavlova is a meringue-based dessert named after Anna Pavlova (a ballerina). It has a crisp exterior and a marshmallow-y center, and is often paired with a light cream and fresh fruits. It is a great, simple dessert that can evolve throughout the year to feature seasonal ingredients. Read More