Chinese Bakery Buns

Backstory time: as we’ve mentioned in a few other posts lately, Megan and I have been making care packages for both sets of parents during the current pandemic. It has been a nice way for us to keep connected with family over the past few months. With Hong Kong-style cafes being closed right now my parents are unable to go out and enjoy their regular afternoon tea, so making Chinese bakery buns for our care packages was a no-brainer! We started to test recipes as early as March, and after a few iterations we can finally share this recipe with everyone.

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Oatmeal Cookies


Megan and I have been making quarantine care packages for both our parents and have started accepting requests. My sister asked for oatmeal cookies, so Megan and I referenced a few recipes and came up with a version of our own. This recipe involves a few extra steps and a little extra (hands-off) time, but in my opinion it does result in a tastier cookie.

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To all the granolas I’ve loved before


Granola, oh sweet, crunchy, snacky granola. What do I love about you? Let me see: (1) you are great for breakfast – good with milk, or add a bit to your yogurt and suddenly you can call it a parfait; (2) you are great for things besides breakfast too, sometimes Royce puts a little of you on a salad for a bit of crunch and sweetness; (3) you are an amazing way to clean up all those odds and ends in the pantry and a great excuse for a trip to the local bulk food store; and most, importantly, (4) you are a tasty, crunchy, and not totally unhealthy snack that I find suitable for any time of day.

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Our love for desserts — especially those by our friends at Roselle — has led us to start testing recipes for pavlova, inspired by the one that is impeccably done on their evening dessert menu. What is a Pavlova? Pavlova is a meringue-based dessert named after Anna Pavlova (a ballerina). It has a crisp exterior and a marshmallow-y center, and is often paired with a light cream and fresh fruits. It is a great, simple dessert that can evolve throughout the year to feature seasonal ingredients. Read More

How to Make Mini Baguettes at Home

About a month ago, it was Megan’s birthday. Because of the current need for social distancing, we had to make the best of it by celebrating at home. Instead of getting takeout or delivery, we decided on homemade versions of some of her favourite treats. She requested baked wings and potato wedges for dinner (an ode to St. Louis), and Vietnamese subs (banh mi) for lunch. I didn’t have a recipe for the traditional sub buns, so I opted to make mini baguettes instead. I messed up the recipe the first time because of a miscalculation (believe it or not, I’m a certified Math teacher), so of course I had to make baguettes again… and again. I ended up making multiple versions of the recipe: first correcting my mistake, then adjusting and experimenting. This was kind of a win-win: I learned a lot and we got to eat a lot of pretty decent baguettes in the process.

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