How to Make Mini Baguettes at Home

About a month ago, it was Megan’s birthday. Because of the current need for social distancing, we had to make the best of it by celebrating at home. Instead of getting takeout or delivery, we decided on homemade versions of some of her favourite treats. She requested baked wings and potato wedges for dinner (an ode to St. Louis), and Vietnamese subs (banh mi) for lunch. I didn’t have a recipe for the traditional sub buns, so I opted to make mini baguettes instead. I messed up the recipe the first time because of a miscalculation (believe it or not, I’m a certified Math teacher), so of course I had to make baguettes again… and again. I ended up making multiple versions of the recipe: first correcting my mistake, then adjusting and experimenting. This was kind of a win-win: I learned a lot and we got to eat a lot of pretty decent baguettes in the process.

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Carrot Muffins


Besides the banana muffin recipe, we often bake these carrot muffins for our breakfast club/after school program. Read More

Vietnamese Pickles

For Megan’s birthday this year, she wanted to have Banh Mi sandwiches at lunch. A key ingredient in these sandwiches are pickled carrot and daikon, so I had to try my luck with Vietnamese Pickles. I’m pretty happy with the results, and the leftovers made a great addition to our salads in the following days. Read More

Quick Refrigerated Pickles


During the current period of self-isolation, schools are closed so we are required to deliver distance education to the students. To compensate for the lack of in-class time, I have decided to challenge my students to make a variety of things at home, hopefully also spending some quality time with their loved ones by creating and sharing a meal. A good and simple place to start is with quick pickles. It’s become more important than ever to avoid food waste, and quick pickles are an easy way to stretch the shelf life of lots of different veggies, with ingredients that most people will readily have around the house. There are many variations out there, you can do whatever works for you. Read More



Madeleines are delicious little cakes, recognizable from their distinctive shell shape. Lots of flavour variations are possible, but I’m partial to the classic lemon version below. Though the recipe and preparation are simple enough, one distinguishing and sometimes elusive characteristic is the “baby bump”. I’ve found this harder to achieve in a conventional oven as compared to a convection oven. These cakes are best eaten while still warm out of the oven.

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