Supper Club (2021-09-05)

Going out with a bang! The last supper club of the summer was a big one…to celebrate the end of summer, but also an excuse to bust out some of the fancier items we’ve been hanging onto in our freezer (before we defrost it).

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Mango Frozen Yogurt

This mango frozen yogurt recipe happened serendipitously. Why? Because I can’t read instructions properly. It all started when I signed up for a free 4-day trial of Pastry Mag online. One of the modules featured Michael Laikonis, a goat 🐐  in pastry world, on ice cream and sorbet technology. Let me tell you, there is lots of math involved: fat percentages, milk solids, sugar, the list goes on. Fortunately, it also provided standard ice cream and sorbet recipes that Laikonis had worked out for us.

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Sourdough Discard Breadsticks

We have been doing wine and cheese (minus the wine, due to baby) regularly for the past several Fridays, ever since the beginning of summer when we starting reviving Chad (our starter). More sourdough breads in the house means more discard. Along with the usual suspects of cheese, cured meats, roasted veggies, grapes and nuts, this week I have decided to add a little bit of variety to our bread basket, by way of revisiting this recipe for breadsticks, along with a no-knead focaccia bread.

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Arzak Egg with Morel Cream Sauce

Arzak egg with mushroom cream sauce

This post comes to you from the bottom of our draft pile. I had meant to post this many years ago, this has got to be one of my favourite The Arzak egg is one of the best ways to poach eggs in my opinion. The egg is cracked and placed into a bowl lined with plastic wrap. The egg is then seasoned with salt and additional fat, (white truffle oil in this case. Mmmmm!). It is then wrapped up and placed in a warm water bath for 20 minutes at 62°C. Don’t worry if you don’t have a water bath or a circulator, you can simply poach it in a pot of water (the water should be warm but not hot – without any bubbles at the surface). While the eggs are poaching, sautee some shallots with butter and then add some heavy cream. Then add thyme leaves and dried morel mushrooms, and let the cream reduce and the mushrooms rehydrate. Seasoned it once it has reached a sauce-like consistency. Finally, put the sauce and eggs together, top it with generous shaving of parmesan and serve with a slice of crusty bread. 

Salsa Verde

Our first batch of salsa verde was from a few years back when there was a bumper crop of tomatillos at the farm – most of them made their way into a gigantic batch of pickles. Salsa verde is one of the main things we’ve made with them since then. It’s great as a condiment in its own right, but also makes a tasty addition salads among other things!

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