Choux Religieuse

Pate a choux pastry a light French pastry that is typically composed of milk/water, butter, eggs and flour. Due to its high water content, the pastry puffs up when baked leaving a hollow center to fill with any type of whipped cream.

The Choux Religieuse is a stacked pastry with a smaller choux on top of another. In this case, it is filled with a light chocolate and caramel whipped ganache. Both choux are topped with a craquelin, the smaller one is dipped in a mirror glaze and finished with some chocolate deco.

Choux Pastry
100g water
50g butter
1g salt
5g sugar
75g bread flour
100g eggs

1. In a sauce pot, heat water, butter, salt and sugar and bring to a boil
2. Add bread flour and cook for approximately 2 minutes
3. Transfer mixture into a stand mixer with a paddle attachment
4. Mix on low speed
5. Once the mixture has cool down slightly, add eggs slowly, one at a time
6. Pipe a small choux roughly the size of 35mm and another 45mm
7. Bake at 220C for 10 minutes, reduce to 170C for another 20 minutes or until golden brown

70g butter
95g brown sugar
1/4 vanilla bean
75g all purpose flour
15g almond flour

1. Cream butter, brown sugar and vanilla bean
2. Add all purpose flour and almond flour
3. Mix until combined
4. Roll between 2 pieces of parchment
5. Freeze and cut into desired shapes

Chocolate Whipped Ganache
100g dark chocolate
500g 35%
12g gelatin mass

Caramel Whipped Ganache
100g Shoko’s Caramelized white chocolate
500g 35%
12g gelatin mass

1. In a sauce pan, heat cream and pour into chocolate
3. Add gelatin mass and emulsify
4. Chill in refrigerator for at least 4 hours, whip and use.

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