Cloud 9

This dessert started with the idea to create a “floating cloud” look on a plate. It’s composed of an upside-down pavlova, topped with chantilly and pismaniye (halva floss). Hidden inside are fresh raspberries filled with a blended pdf, macarons, toasted pistachios, and rose petals. Finished with a chocolate number “9” because…it’s not just any cloud, it’s Cloud 9.

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Macaron Recipe (Adapted from Pierre Hermé)

I’ve tested many macaron recipes over the years. Overall, I’ve found that getting the right ingredients, understanding the techniques, and troubleshooting is significantly more important than the recipe itself (i.e. the slight differences in the ratios of the ingredients). Last week, we finally tested this recipe with a grade 11 student of mine making macarons for the first time. With some guidance, we had pretty good results. That’s when I know it’s time to share. For the sake of accuracy, we are not going to include any volumetric measurements for this recipe. Go get your scale! Read More

Dumplings With Crispy Lattice

With the stay at home order and the move to working from home, we jumped on the at-home dumpling bandwagon back in April of 2020. I have been eating dumplings for the majority of my life, but had never seen the crispy lattice/skirt (sometimes called wings) until I saw it on Instagram around the same time.

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Lemon Squares

This lemon square has a soft texture, tons of lemon flavour, and just the right balance of sweetness and tartness. The graham crust adds a nice complimentary flavour and texture, and as a bonus it is quicker and easier than a typical shortbread crust.

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Mint Chip Ice Cream

Mint chip is hands-down one of our favourite ice cream flavours. An added perk of this recipe is that it calls for fresh mint, which is basically a weed so it is easily available in our backyard all summer long!

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