Our love for desserts — especially those by our friends at Roselle — has led us to start testing recipes for pavlova, inspired by the one that is impeccably done on their evening dessert menu. What is a Pavlova? Pavlova is a meringue-based dessert named after Anna Pavlova (a ballerina). It has a crisp exterior and a marshmallow-y center, and is often paired with a light cream and fresh fruits. It is a great, simple dessert that can evolve throughout the year to feature seasonal ingredients. Read More

“Aero”, Aerated Chocolate at Home

Who doesn’t love an Aero Bar, am I right? I’m not sure who came up with this technique, but I first learned about it from John Placko, many years ago when I was helping out with his modernist technique workshops. It’s a pretty easy technique: melt chocolate, thin it out, put it in an ISI, add nitrous oxide, dispense, and vacuum. But in order for you to do all those things, you need some equipment…

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Bocuse Fundraiser Dessert (Tropical Tart)

A good friend of mine was recently selected to represent Canada at the 2019 Bocuse d’Or. Megan has promised to write a little more about this competition, so I’ll leave out the details here. Let’s just say it’s a pretty big deal.

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A Black Forest (Birthday) Cake

Not too long ago, Royce and I were talking with my mum about food (no kidding eh?) and mum “casually” mentioned that for a time she had really liked black forest cake.
With her birthday only a couple of weeks away, we knew a hint when we heard one (or at least, we figured we did). This year for my mum’s birthday, we made her a black forest cake. I know mum loves anything chocolate, so she’d like this. And I have really fond memories of the grocery store version of this cake that my grandma used to buy for us…So why not?! Read More

Plum and Almond Tart

With a basket of Ontario plums left over from our recent cottage trip, we have decided to make a plum and almond tart. We used Pierre Herme’s pate sucree recipe from our previous post as a base and added the ripened plums and an almond cream filling .
The tart is first blind baked at 400˚F for approximately 20 minutes. The almond filling is then added with plum halves and sliced almonds. The tart is then baked at 375˚F for another 45 minutes or until golden brown. We served each slice with a generous serving of vanilla ice cream.

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