Honey Whipped Ganache

A whipped ganache is a filling similar to a ganache but with a lower chocolate to cream ratio. When whipped, it gets a nice velvety consistency that makes a good filling/topping for cakes, cupcakes, pastries, macarons, the list goes on. Specifically for macarons, using whipped ganache is better than buttercream in my opinion, because it creates a better moisture migration between the shells and the filling. This leaves you with a tastier macaron, but because it uses chocolate it has a slightly lower tolerance to heat.

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Honey Madeleine Cake

Fig, honey and pistachio St.Honore.

Every supper club, I try to do something new by developing new ideas or testing out new techniques and recipes. I’ve been wanting to make a version of a St. Honore of my own by substituting a round choux at the base instead of the puff pastry that is typically used. The idea of a round hollow choux at the bottom of a pastry filled with any filling excites me, if done properly, it looks very neat and minimalistic. We had tested this prior to the pandemic with the kiddies, unfortunately I have lost my notes.

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Mosaic Non-Bake Cheesecake

This is inspired by something I scrolled past on Instagram. I can’t remember where I saw it and unfortunately I didn’t save it, so by the time of this post it’s lost to me (If I come across it again, I will definitely post the link). It was a sliced cake studded with a mosaic of jellies in various shades of red. With that image imprinted in my mind, and some berries from a recent farm visit, I decided to try to make my own version of it.

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Lockdown Billy Miner Pie

Billy Miner Pie – courtesy of a past student

What to do when a craving for the Keg’s famous Billy Miner Pie strikes mid-pandemic? DIY at home, of course!

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Flexible Chocolate

This flexible chocolate recipe is from my dear friend John from Molecular Culinary Academy. The use of locust bean gum and kappa carageenan gives it a little bit of stretch and flexibility. I used it in the plated dessert shown above, created for a demo for the culinary program at Canadore College many years ago.

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