Chocolate Recipes and Resources

Chocolate Recipes

Here’s a collection of chocolate-related recipes and resources for your reference.

Some fundamental recipes that I have worked on over the years:
Brownies: Halva BrownieWhite Chocolate Brownie
Cake: Black Forest Cake
Ganache: Lychee Ganache, Smoked chocolate,
Ganache, whipped: CaramelChocolate
Glazes: Mirror GlazeWhite Chocolate Glaze
Mousse: Lime, White Chocolate Coconut Mousse
Snacks: Healthy Chocolate Bar

Some recipes that offer interesting textures:
“Aero”, Aerated Chocolate at Home
Flexible Chocolate
“Chocolate Snow”

Chocolate Resources

Our aim is to compile a list of resources that everyone can benefit from. If you have any suggestions to add below, please let us know! Note that many of the suppliers listed below are based in Canada.

Chef Rubber
Chocolat Chocolat
Design and Realization

Chocolate/Confectionery Ingredients:
MVR Cash and Carry
Flour Confections

Clear Bags

Melissa Coppel Chocolate and Pastry School
Chocolate Academy Online
Tomric Systems – Resource Center
*Disclaimer: I have not taken any online classes from any of the listed classes below, but I know some of the instructors and think they are great.

Yogurt at Home: 2 ways

We’ve been making our own yogurt at home for the last year or so. It’s really been more for fun than anything else. I have a hunch that it’s not exactly more economical (more on that at the end). But there is something that I find so exciting about the magic transformation that takes place. Another bonus is that we’re eliminating a lot of the waste that goes along with buying and eating yogurt on a regular basis (I mean, realistically one can only find so many uses for all of those plastic tubs).

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Making Your Own Cocoa Butter Colours

Here’s a quenelle mould with a blend of orange, yellow and green.

My motivation for making my own cocoa butter: I used to buy coloured cocoa butter, but in addition to the price of each colour, I’d often end up having to pay a cost associated with shipping and customs, increasing the average price per bottle. To bring down the price, I would end up getting a few more bottles, which I likely did not need in the first place. The other issue with buying coloured cocoa butter is that most companies offer the same range of colours, so if you want something different you’ll have to mix your own colours anyways…So why not just start with primary colours and mix small batches?

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Making Chocolate Moulds (Using a 3D printer and Mayku Formbox)

The idea for these chocolate bars came from Rachel and Jess at Hailed Coffee. In order for us to push forward and strive to be better, we need to be uniquely different. It’s important that we keep thinking and inventing. More often than not though, these ideas go straight to the bin and don’t ever get to the implementation/testing phase. This one was different! It started from our work on creating new flavours of chocolate bars. We had recently started testing a lemon crunch bar which led to a lemon, blueberry and meringue bar. Throughout the iterations, we thought about separating the crunch component and the flavour component. This led to the idea of making bars with ice cream flavours and crunchy, cone-like components. Better yet, what if these chocolate bars actually resembled an ice cream cone? Eureka!

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Kombucha at Home

Probiotics! I started buying kombucha many moons ago while browsing the aisles of Whole Foods Square One when it first opened. With an array of supposed health benefits such as improved digestion and absorption of nutrients, strengthening immunity, to name a few, I was curious enough to try it and soon developed a taste for it. It was sweet, but not too sweet, and naturally fizzy – a healthy alternative to some of the sugary drinks that I crave now and then. Unfortunately, it always seemed too expensive to drink regularly, especially since kombucha is just basically sugar-sweetened tea, fermented with bacteria and yeasts. Megan and I used to make it, but not consistently. Now, with a new shared goal of trying to make everything ourselves, we have started brewing new batches every 8-12 days.

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