Supper Club (2022-06-16)

The last time that we did a supper club was last Fall, it’s been a while! Since I started daddy day care (edit: I’ve been told it’s “parenting” when the kid is your own), it has been increasingly difficult to devote a lot of time to food. Nicholas is really on the move now and keeps me busy, and since I’m on parental leave right now I don’t have teenagers to help me test recipes. Lately most of my time goes into steaming finger foods and making a variety of purees to ensure that the kiddo is getting everything he needs. In case your curious, the reviews have been good so far – in particular, Queenie, our dog, has definitely gained a few pounds from snacking on anything that hits the floor (except bananas, apparently).

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Liquid Caramel

Liquid caramel isn’t just for sundaes (ahem, Megan), it’s a useful component for chocolates and all kinds of desserts. So, we figured it was about time we shared our go-to liquid caramel recipe.

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5 Minute “Choose your own adventure” Granola Bars

5 minute granola bars with oats, cheerios, raisins, dried cranberries, and pumpkin seeds.

Anyone remember those Choose Your Own Adventure books? I hear they are making a comeback. Anyway, these granola bars are coming to you courtesy of some post-best (read: expired) tahini and a random not so good cookie recipe…I’ll spare you the details, but 5+ trials later here we are!

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Supper Club (2021-10-01)

Now that I’m back to school, it’s been a few weeks since I’ve had the chance to do a dinner outside of our regularly scheduled program, which goes something like: Taco Tuesday; food that my parents dropped off; Indian Thursday; Cheese, charcuterie and bread on Fridays… After a few weeks of slowly getting used to our new schedule (back to work with a baby), I’m easing my way back into learning and improving my craft by doing more of these dinners where I try new recipes/techniques.

Foie gras, blackberry and truffle (oil)
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Oma’s Upside Down Cake

Growing up, most visits to my grandparents’ place involved tea time (which really just meant snacks for us kids). I have fond memories of this cake, as it made regular appearances at tea time every summer. I suppose it may not really be an upside down cake in the usual sense…Oma always kept the cake in the tray it was baked in, and simply sliced and served each piece upside down. I’m not entirely sure whether it’s possible to invert the whole cake onto a plate, but I wouldn’t want to mess with tradition, anyway (Royce confirms – yes, it is possible). As it turns out, this recipe comes together quite easily and is a fantastic way to use up plums when in season (Italian prune plums, to be specific – I used another variety of plums once and was promptly notified of my blunder). As fate would have it the Katsumi farm has both (Italian prune) plum and hazelnut trees, and both are starting to produce quite generously.

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