Strawberry Tart

This strawberry tart is composed with a sweet dough filled with a basil ganache, topped with a chantilly cream, compressed strawberries, strawberry crisp pearls, basil leaves and chocolate deco.

Sweet dough (yield 4)
562g pastry flour
170g icing sugar
316g butter, cold
112g eggs
34g water
5.6g vanilla extract
1. In a stand mixer with a paddle attachment, combine flour, sugar and butter
2. Mix until a sandy texture
3. Mix with eggs, water and vanilla extract until combine
4. Refrigerate until use
Basil ganache
130g 35%
114g milk chocolate
21.5 dark chocolate
50.6g butter
6g basil
1. Bring 35% and basil to a boil
2. Pour 35% into a bowl with both chocolates
3. Wait a minute, stir
4. Add butter and stir
5. Pour into cooled tart shells
Compressed strawberries
500g Ontario strawberries
50g strawberry liquor
1. Combine strawberries and liquor in vacuum bag
2. Vacuum on high
3. Refrigerate until use


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