Mango Pate de Fruit

Mango Pate de Fruit (Recipe Adapted from Chef Migoya)


8.4g Pectin
160g Sugar (1)

200g Mango puree
320g Sugar (2)
200g Guava juice
20g lemon juice
85g Glucose powder

6.3g Citric Acid (l)


1. Whisk together the pectin and sugar (1).
2. Place the pectin/sugar mixture in a pot and whisk in mango puree, guava juice and lemon juice.
3. Combine sugar (2) and glucose powder in separate bowl.
4. Bring mixture to a boil.
5. Add sugar/ glucose mixture and bring mixture to 107°C/255°F
6. Remove from heat and stir in citric acid.
7. Pour into a prepared frame of 9″ x 9″.
8. Let it set overnight.
9. Cut and toss in citric acid sugar mixture (1/2 cup sugar: 1 tsp citric acid).

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