Caramel Popcorn Cookies

These cookies are a riff on our favourite chocolate chip cookie recipe from Tara O’Brady. The cookies are perfectly soft and chewy (our favourite type of CCC) and even better they are easy to make! Since discovering this recipe a few years back, it’s become our go-to and we rarely try anything else. This variation was the result of some recent, impulse shopping on We first learned that you could buy half-popped popcorn from a friend a few years ago. Up until then, Royce was only able to enjoy them by scavenging the bottom of our bowls of popcorn. It turns out that there is a method to make only half-popped popcorn, but we’ve found the store-bought variety to be far superior to anything we’ve made at home so far.

For this cookie, we use Tara’s recipe but substitute 340 g Callebaut gold chocolate and 100g half-popped popcorn (plus more to finish) for the original 340g chocolate. Since the popcorn is salted, we also omitted the sea salt sprinkled on top. The adaptation yields about 22 cookies, portioned with a yellow scoop (3-1/2 Tbsp).

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