Black Sesame Shortbread

These black sesame shortbread cookies make for an addictive, not-too-sweet afternoon treat. We finished ours by dipping in matcha white chocolate, and topping with a sprinkle of candied black sesame.

Sesame Shortbread (Yields 20 x 11g rounds)
50g candied black sesame (1:1 ratio of sugar to sesame seeds) (extra for topping, if desired)
75g butter (at room temp)
100g all purpose flour Read More

Matcha, Sesame Seed and Candied Orange Cookies

Perfect timing for National Ice Cream Sandwich Day: These matcha cookies have a few fun add-ins, and a soft, cakey texture that’s great for cookie sandwiches (recipe below). What better way to eat them then with a scoop of vanilla ice cream?

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Matcha Maddies

Green Tea Madeleines

150g butter
165g eggs
140g sugar
24g honey
4g salt
4g baking powder
15g matcha powder
150g pastry flour
1. In a stainless steel bowl. Sift all your dry ingredients
2. In a small sauce pan, heat up butter
3. In another stainless steel bowl, whisk eggs, sugar and honey together
4. Combine melted butter with egg mixture
5. Mix in dry ingredients and refrigerate
6. Grease moulds with butter
7. Pipe batter into moulds
8. Bake at 392F/200C for 10 minutes