Rainbow Birthday Microwave Sponge

Birthday Cake Microwave Sponge

(Recipe adapted from John Placko & Albert Adria)


4 eggs
80g sugar
40g flour
1 pinch of salt
2 N2O charges
food colouring (assorted colours of your choice)

Tools Required:

  • ISI siphon (something like this, for example)
  • N2O charges
  • microwave
  • paper cups (unlined)


1. Process all ingredients in a blender.
2. Strain mixture into ISI.
3. Close and charge with two N20 charges.
4. Refrigerate for 12 hours.
5. Dispense cake batter into different bowls and mix with one drop of food colouring of your choice.
6. Poke small slits in the walls and bottom of the paper cups to allow steam to escape.
7. Layer colours halfway into a prepared paper cup(s).
8. Microwave for 40 seconds on high.
9. Remove cake cups and turn upside down to cool to maintain volume.

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