78 Degrees Presents: Childhood Memory Dinner (August 20, 2012)

Menu for the night
Menus and place mats at the table with crayons to doodle on
Baby Food
Chilled corn bavarois in baby food jars
Afternoon Snack
House made fish crackers
From left to right: zesty cheddar, creamy ranch, buttery jalapeno
 Alphabet lobster soup
Butter poached lobster, lobster tomato cream, lobster consomme gelee in the form of letter blocks.
Three little pigs
Glazed 40-hour pork belly, sous vide pork tenderloin, parma proscuitto, cherry jus
Pickled mustards, pickled onions, kirsch’d cherries, white balsamic vinegar, parsley oil
Tarragon and parsley leaves, fried pork rind
Campfire (Part I)
Roasted sweet potatoes, marshmallow topping, milk chocolate ganache, feuilletine
Campfire (Part II)
Milk chocolate pudding, shortbread crumbs, marshmallow ice cream
“Kinder surprise”
Dark and milk chocolate, white chocolate, ???

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