Chocolate Mahjong Tiles

Chocolate Mahjong Tiles

Finally!!! I bought these Mahjong tile chocolate moulds in January of 2013, and they had been stowed away from direct sunlight for the past 8+ years. A recent dinner with my sister motivated me to finally dig these out. Let’s get started! After a quick polish with cheesecloth, I cast some chocolate into the moulds leaving roughly 1/4″ gap at the top. Next, I sprayed the mould with a light green cocoa butter colour. Once the colour was set and the chocolate that was cast into the bottom was crystallized, I released the chocolate from the mould, leaving a clean green line around the top. I then sprayed several layers of white cocoa butter into the moulds. Once that set, I cast the moulds in white chocolate, filled them with a ganache and capped them. Lastly, once the chocolate crystallized and was removed from the moulds, I use tempered, blue and green cocoa butter and filled in the outlines of the tiles’ characters with the right colour using a pin.

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