Bocuse Fundraiser Dessert (Tropical Tart)

A good friend of mine was recently selected to represent Canada at the 2019 Bocuse d’Or. Megan has promised to write a little more about this competition, so I’ll leave out the details here. Let’s just say it’s a pretty big deal.

With the beginning of his journey as a candidate, the fundraising has begun, and I was happy to suggest that the first venue for a dinner be in Mississauga. As someone who lives in the west end I am always a little disappointed with the lack of fine dining options available. To me, this was a great opportunity to bring some of the talent from Toronto kitchens out to Mississauga. It was nice to hear from our guests last Sunday that they really enjoyed this unique experience. I only wish that we would see a greater demand for these kind of events. Everyone that comes usually says this is great, we should do it more often. Personally, I’d love to see more options and events of this caliber in the city. Unfortunately, without a growing demand that’s just not going to happen.
In addition to suggesting the venue, I was responsible for that evening’s dessert (recipes below). I know these ingredients are not local, and I’ve been trying to use more local ingredients — unfortunately the seabuckthorn berries that I bought for the farm haven’t come in yet and it probably won’t bear fruit (not enough for a 70+ person dinner anyway) for a couple of years. So this time I stuck with a few of my go-to flavours: passion fruit, mango and coconut.


For this dessert, I have decided to do a pate sucree ring, topped with a white chocolate coconut whipped ganache and a recipe of a mango sorbet that I submitted for a competition years ago. Along with those components, we have different textural additions based upon the fore mentioned ingredients: passion fruit meringue, passion fruit aerated sponge and gel, coconut souffle meringue, toasted coconut chips with sea salt and freeze dried mango chunks.


Aerated Passion Fruit White Chocolate (Adapted from John Placko)

227g white chocolate
45g cocoa butter
15g freeze dried passion fruit
0.5g yellow pigment (fat soluble)

Follow the instructions from a previous aerated chocolate post.

Coconut Meringue Souffle (Adapted from Guillaume Mabilleau – MOF )

100g egg whites
100g sugar
100g dessciated coconut flakes
100g icing sugar

70g egg whites
80g sugar
80g coconut flakes

1. In a stand mixer fitted with a balloon attachment, whip the first egg white and sugar until stiff peak
2. Fold in dessicated coconut and icing sugar
3. Spread onto silpat and bake at 320F for 40 minutes
4. Remove meringue from oven and light it cool down slightly
5. Chop meringue into different pieces
6. In a bowl, add the second egg whites, sugar and coconut flakes along with the meringue pieces
7. Bake again at 320F for another 20 minutes
8. Remove from oven, and store in a dry container at room temperature until use

Passion Fruit Meringue
100g egg whites
145g sugar
65g water
15g passion fruit syrup
5g freeze dried passion fruit powder

1. In a sauce pan, cook water, sugar and passion fruit syrup until 120C
2. At 115C, turn stand mixer on medium speed and begin to whip egg whites
3. Slowly pour syrup into egg white mixture
4. Beat until stiff peak
5. Spread on parchment or silpat
6. Dehydrate at 70C for 6 hours or until crisp
7. Store in an air tight container at room temperature with desiccant until use

Coconut Whipped Ganache
200g white chocolate
500g 35%
35g coconut milk reduction (10:1)
4g gelatin

1. Bloom gelatin in cold water
2. In a sauce pan, bring 35% cream and coconut milk reduction to a boil
3. Pour cream mixture over chocolate and let it sit for 1 minute
4. Add bloomed gelatin
5. Using a stick blender, blend until smooth
6. Refrigerate mixture for at least 8 hours, preferably overnight
7. Just before use, in a stand mixer, whip with a balloon attachment until medium peak

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