Red fruit, Ispahan and Piña Colada

Having some extra days to play around, I have decided to make a couple of fruit tarts with what’s available at the local farmer’s market and supermarkets.
This is just a simple fruit tart elevated by the shape of a half pipe. In this version of a fruit tart, we have strawberries, red currants, and raspberries sitting on top of a pastry cream. The fruits are then glazed and decorated with gold leaves.

Pastry Cream (From Gisslen)
500ml milk
62.5g sugar (1)

45g egg yolks
62.5g eggs
37.5g cornstarch
62.5g sugar (2)

30g butter
7.5ml vanilla extract

1. In a sauce pan, combine milk with sugar (1)
2. In a stainless steel bowl, whisk together eggs, cornstarch and sugar (2)
3. Heat sauce pan to a simmer, and temper egg mixture with warm milk
4. Return egg and milk mixture back to heat and bring it to a boil
5. Once thickened, whisk in butter and vanilla extract
6. Place a piece of plastic wrap right against the pastry cream
7. Refrigerate until further use

“If you like Piña Colada and getting caught in the rain (or pastries)”, you’re going to like this. In this second version, the piña colada has a coconut pastry cream, a coconut diplomat, topped with diced pineapples, freeze dried pineapples, coconut flakes and a lime fluid gel.

For the coconut pastry cream, the milk is replaced with coconut milk in the recipe above. And with the coconut diplomat, I used a 50/50 split between pastry cream and whipping cream. The mixture is whipped on a stand mixer until desired consistency.

The last tart, Ispahan, is a half pipe tart with a classic combination of raspberry, lychee, and rose. In this case, we have a diplomat cream (a mixture of pastry cream and whipped cream), rose chantilly, raspberries, lychee, Ispahan meringues and crystallized rose petals which I forgot to put on.

Ispahan Meringue
75g raspberry puree
15g lychee syrup
15g rose water
100g sugar
12g egg albumin

1. Combine all ingredients (except for sugar) in a stand mixer fitted with a whisk attachment
2. Whip until soft peak, slowly sprinkle sugar in multiple stages
3. Whip until firm peak
4. Pipe into desired shapes and dehydrate



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