Yasu: Feb 2015

Blue fin tuna (Mexico) – Photo Cred: @NatChanners
Seabass (Greece) – Photo Cred: @Natchanners

Torched gold eyes snapper (New Zealand)
Scallop with Himalayan sea salt (Hokkaido)

Baby sardines (Japan) – Photo Cred: @NatChanners

Seabream (Greece) – Photo Cred: @Natchanners

Snow crab leg (East Coast, Canada) 
Mackeral (Norway) – Photo Cred: @NatChanners
Sea Urchin (Vancouver) 

Salmon roe with Yuzu zest (Alaska)

Striped jack (Japan)

Monkfish liver (Boston)
Ocean trout (Scotland) 

Blue fin tuna belly (Spain)
Smoked Bonito (Japan)
Tuna hand roll with shiso (Japan)
Anago (Peru) – Photo Cred: @NatChanners


Baby sea eel (Japan) – Photo Cred: @NatChanners

Fluke fin (Boston)
Spanish Mackerel (Florida) 

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