The Woodland

On November 12, 2014. I was honoured and privileged to be presenting modern pastry techniques to a room full of pastry chefs from around the city. With inspiration from nature in mind, I adapted several components to create three different plate presentations.

60g milk chocolate (Alunga)
40g dark chocolate (Ocoa)
100g 35%
24g butter
In a sauce pan, bring 35% to a boil.
Add chocolate, then emulsify butter at 37C.
Cast in moulds and freeze.
Dip frozen chocolate in white chocolate coloured with black powder.


Honey Mushroom Meringue
100g egg whites
145g sugar
65g water
12g honey

In a sauce pan, heat sugar, water and honey until 121C
In a stand mixer with a whisk attachment, whip egg whites into a meringue with soft peaks
Slowly pour sugar mixture into meringue while mixing on low speed
Whisk until stiff peaks, pipe half rounds and stems
Dehydrate at 70C for 10 hours, or until completely dry.

Rocks (Aerated chocolate with truffle essence)
227g dark chocolate (Ocoa)
37.5g neutral oil
7.5g white truffle oil
3 N2O charges
Combine chocolate and oil, heat at 45C.
Transfer chocolate into siphon. Charge.
Dispense in Food Saver, and vacuum until set
43g orange oil
2g ash
33g malto

Combine orange oil, ash and malto.

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