Paris: Day 3/4 (An inside look at Patrick Roger’s Factory)

On our third day of Paris, my good friends gave to me, a tour to Patrick Roger. 
(Now read it again in your head to 12 days of Christmas.)

Orange slices ready to be enrobed.

Some of these chocolates haven’t even hit the stores yet

A 50kg tempering machine just for Patrick to play around to make his sculptures

A picture with the man himself
An enrobing line. I need one of those for Shoko Chocolates.
He even produces his own honey for his chocolates

Bye for now.

Our second Patrick Roger shop.

Great Croissant. Voted 3rd best! 

We got lost looking for a cookbook store and ended up walking through the louvre.
Our dinner at Au Pied Du Cochon. Unfortunately, this restaurant is not as good as the one in Montreal. 

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