Sourdough Discard Breadsticks

We have been doing wine and cheese (minus the wine, due to baby) regularly for the past several Fridays, ever since the beginning of summer when we starting reviving Chad (our starter). More sourdough breads in the house means more discard. Along with the usual suspects of cheese, cured meats, roasted veggies, grapes and nuts, this week I have decided to add a little bit of variety to our bread basket, by way of revisiting this recipe for breadsticks, along with a no-knead focaccia bread.

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Growing your Own Sourdough Starter (levain)

Our sourdough starter, Chad, fast asleep in the fridge.

The idea of growing your own sourdough starter from just flour and water is something that many people shy away from. Maybe the idea of fermenting something at home is intimidating or unappealing; maybe it seems too risky or complicated. Whatever the reason, it’s a shame because the process itself is actually quite easy, and the starter can be used to yield wonderful results in the kitchen! In any case, the point of this short post is to dispel those nasty rumours and let you know that with a little patience, you can make your very own sourdough baby completely from scratch!

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Focaccia (93% hydration)

Focaccia is one of my favourite breads to make. It has a super high hydration (93% in this case), but because it’s baked in a pan it doesn’t require any bread shaping skills. The possibilities for toppings are limitless, and it’s pretty good plain as well. Personally, I like baking focaccia in a lasagna pan, because it’s smaller than a sheet tray and has higher sides so the resulting loaf is dramatically thick. Eat it on its own, or even slice it lengthwise for sandwiches. You can’t go wrong!

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Sourdough Pizza (on cast iron)


It was Megan’s birthday a couple of days ago, and everyone was expecting me to cook a multi-course meal, do some kind of binge-eating, or travel downtown for a fine-dining experience (ending with a visit to Roselle for desserts, obviously!). But these days, Megan and I really enjoy a good night in: trying a new recipe or an old faithful, opening a bottle of wine and relaxing in our PJs.

We tried making pizza in the cast iron last week and were so thrilled with the results, that we decided we had to make it again for Megan’s birthday. This recipe could still use a little tweaking, but delicious nonetheless. Read More

Carrot Cake Meets Chad

IMG_4265At the end of last year, Royce and I welcomed the latest (and possibly heaviest) addition to our library: Modernist Bread. We had been looking forward to this moment for more than a year, and thankfully we were not disappointed! The breadth and depth of this thing is overwhelming! We weren’t quite sure how to begin —  for now, the plan of attack is to make at least one recipe per week and meander our way through the recipes and techniques. While the size is intimidating, the content – thankfully –  is not. Currently, we’re in the sourdough section and we’ve been having a ton of fun with the variations!

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