Molecular Cuisine Workshop @Cedarlane: March 23, 2013

For those of you that don’t know John Placko, he is a well-trained chef that spent most of his time in the research and development department for various food corporations developing recipes. He has also competed at the Bocuse d’Or and dined at some of the best restaurants in the world, El Bulli, Mugaritz, El Celler de Roca, Noma, just to name a few.  His most recent job was being the director of culinary excellence at Maple Leaf Foods’ THINKFOOD before venturing off and opening his own Modern Culinary Academy. He was recently featured with his new line of ingredients on Global TV’s 16 x 9  show along with Nathan Myhrvold, the author of Modernist Cuisine.  
His passion now lies within molecular cuisine where his goal is to educate chefs, pastry chefs and foodies about the emerging trends of modernist cuisine. From carrageenan to xanthum gum, part of his job now is to run molecular workshops explaining what these ingredients do and how you can incorporate them onto plates.
John going over the recipes with everyone
Royce making melon caviar

John and Judie demonstrating modern techniques to participants
Michelle making the raspberry and coconut shells with liquid nitrogen

Michelle making white chocolate stones
Michelle making ice cream pearls with liquid nitrogen
John dispensing a sous vide meringue through a ISI siphon

John Placko making ice cream with liquid nitrogen
An offering of modern techniques (raspberry niblets, compressed watermelon, white chocolate and passion fruit stones, liquid nitrogen ice cream)
For a photo of John’s plating:
John cutting yogurt sheets
Royce cutting the pliable chocolate, and rolling them into chocolate scrolls.
John Placko and  Royce Li posing for the camera
John Placko (MCA), Michelle Raqueno (Insauga), Royce Li (78 Degrees)
John just launched his new website, You will be able to source hard-to-find modern culinary ingredients in convenient sizes by clicking on the link herePowder for Texture ingredients can also be found in retail at Nella Cucina, Nella Mississauga and Willow Cakes and Pastries.
For those of you that are interested in an hands-on experience, check out the upcoming workshops in your local area by visiting the Modern Culinary Academy calendar page here.

Aerated Green Tea Chocolate

250g of Zephyr melted at 45C
40g of Mycryo microwaved along with 5g of matcha powder
Green tea flavoured cocoa butter is mixed with white chocolate
The mixture is poured in an ISI siphon, charged with 2 N20 cartridges
Mixture is dispensed into a rectangle shaped mould
It is vacuum sealed in the container until it doubles its volume. The terrine is then stored in the freezer until ready to use.
When you are ready, gently release the pressure by turning the knob to open. Release the aerated chocolate by dipping the mould in tepid water. Cut/ break into pieces and serve.

Sous Vide Strawberries

500g Strawberries, 55g Sugar
65 Degrees Celsius for 45 Minutes