Fruit Fluid Gel

Fruit Fluid Gel
280g sugar
12g agar agar
64g lemon juice
480g fruit puree
120g water
1. Combine sugar and agar agar in a bowl with the puree and water
2. Place the contents in a pot and heat mixture
3. When the mixture comes to a boil, turn down the heat and simmer for 2 minutes
4. Whisk in lemon juice and pour into frame, and place in refrigerator
5. Using a thermomix, blend gel until fluid

Mango fluid gel in half litre container

Versawhip Foam

This recipe is adapted from Antonio Bachour and John Placko.
170g fruit juice/ puree
15g versawhip
* If the juice is too thin, you need to add xanthum gum to thicken (1/2 tsp)
* Add sugar to your taste
In a thermomix with the whisk attachment, 
combine all ingredients and whip on medium high for 4-5 minutes.
You can use this foam for a plated dessert, but if you wish to make it into a dried foam, simply pipe some meringues and bake at 170F for 3 hours and let it come to room temperature in the oven. 

Super Light and Airy Croutons

With the batter in the isi whipper, you need to dispense it into a prepared paper cup, which has slits at the bottom and sides for proper aeration.

Dispense batter into the paper cup. 

Place the cup in the microwave and cook for 40 seconds. 

Let it cool and un-mould bread from the paper cup. 
Once cool, shred it in many pieces and let it dry out.
The crumbs are then pan fried in butter and any flavouring. 
I served it in a Jerusalem artichoke soup with bacon jam, olive oil and parsley. 

The Kitchen Canada

The Kitchen Canada (TKC) opened its doors for the first time last night. With a gathering of foodies, blog writers and other professionals. The evening began with cocktails, wine and amuse bouche that pushed the boundaries of texture with familiar flavours and modernist techniques.

Smoked salmon bagel lollies on the antigriddle 
Potato puff with whipped cheese and vinegar powder, beet meringue and chestnut cream
(Photography by Sarah Placko)
Plates and table setting with the TKC logo and the menu for the launch. 

A quick glance at the space.
Sous vide octopus, scallop and squid ink chip, black olive crumbs, fingerling and blue potatoes, leeks

Goat cheese and cucumber jelly, carbonated grapes

Sous vide Ontario lamb, squash, beets, mint jelly, sous vide hollandise, spelt risotto, demi

Black sesame seed ice cream, yuzu gel, matcha “aero”, raspberry wafers, freeze dried raspberries

Coconut snow, chocolate stones with passionfruit jelly, dark chocolate raspberry twigs
Most of these ingredients for the dinner prepared by Chef John Placko can be found at Qualifirst. 
The space is free for rental for a full day, a half day or even by the hour. Whether it be a night of wine and cheese, a pop up dinner or just attending a class taught by professionals in the city, The Kitchen Canada is the place to be.  

Compressed Watermelon

The watermelon was sliced to 1/4″ thickness and cut into squares. The squares are then arranged in vacuum chamber pouches and sealed on high with 1.5 Tbsp of liquid of your choice. (In this case, lime and ginger syrup)
The final product of a compressed fruit gives it more flavour and changes the overall texture of the original product.