Yours Truly on Ossington

On the left: Spinach leaves, buttermilk, crumbs. 
On the right: Salmon tartar, pumpkin seed, shiso leave
Salted cod, rice, tofu pocket (Inari), nori, kewpie (Japanese Mayonese)
On the left: Toasted baguette, pork rillettes
On the right: Thuet bread, whipped duck fat, crispy shallots
Let the tasting menu begin. 

1st course: Pumpkin and yogurt, smoked eggplant puree, buckwheat crumbs, quinoa, cilantro sprouts, nasturtium leaves
2nd course: Pan seared trout, compressed romaine, marinated beet, red nori powder, gribiche sauce

3rd course: Pan seared duck breast, onion pancake, pickled shaved vegetables, white soy 
Last course: Almond panna cotta, meringue, milk foam, sichuan pepper, lychee

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