Sourdough Discard Breadsticks

We have been doing wine and cheese (minus the wine, due to baby) regularly for the past several Fridays, ever since the beginning of summer when we starting reviving Chad (our starter). More sourdough breads in the house means more discard. Along with the usual suspects of cheese, cured meats, roasted veggies, grapes and nuts, this week I have decided to add a little bit of variety to our bread basket, by way of revisiting this recipe for breadsticks, along with a no-knead focaccia bread.

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Kefir: Yogurt’s Easy-Peasy Cousin

Earlier this year, we wrote about our recent obsession with homemade yogurt. Not only is it a fun project, there are several practical benefits to incorporating this DIY as part of your routine, namely: reduced waste, and (this one was news to me) reduced cost. That’s right – it turns out that making your own yogurt is significantly cheaper than buying it from the store!

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Carrot Crisps


Are you a juice person or a smoothie person? Royce likes juice — fruit juice but also veggie-forward juice…especially on those days when we haven’t been eating very healthy. Personally, 9 times out of 10 I would rather have a smoothie than juice. I have a couple of issues with juice. First, from a health standpoint I’m suspicious of the nutritional value because it’s missing so much of the original fruit / vegetable. And second, something just seems really wrong about pulverizing all of these vegetables, only to drink the liquid and toss the rest. Especially given the statistics we see nowadays about food security and food waste! Read More