Anticuchos: Dreaming of Peru


It has been quite a few years since our trip to Peru, but it still ranks as one of my best and most-memorable. Peru was one of the first big trips that Royce and I took together — and in fact it wasn’t just the two of us, we made the journey with some of his family. About a month ago, most of the trip members were briefly reunited and it was the perfect opportunity for Royce and I to prepare a menu that I have been talking about for the last few years.  Read More

Copenhagen: Our Trip

The Food:

It likely won’t come as a surprise that food was a big part of our trip. We’ll be sharing some notes on a few of the highlights shortly:

  • Noma (no surprise here)
  • 108
  • Torvehallerne
  • The bakeries
  • Carlsberg Brewery (yes, really!)

If you read the backstory on our trip, then you’re probably aware that this wasn’t exactly a typical vacation. It wasn’t until after we’d booked our flight that we began some attempt at planning how we would be spending our time in Copenhagen (when we weren’t eating). If I’m being honest, most of this didn’t happen until a week or so before the trip itself.
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Copenhagen 2016: The Backstory

So, Royce and I just returned from an amazing trip in Copenhagen. We have tons of photos and stories to share with you, but I thought it would be best if I started off with a quick backstory on how this all came about. Read More


 Paita Expedition
Orchard of Mala

Dry Andes

The Ten Mile Fish
Diversity of Corn

High Jungle

Dead Amazon
Rock of the Sea

Cold Cultivation
Valley Between the Andes
Octopus in the Desert

Extreme Altitude

Mountain Beef

Arid Forest

Coca Leaf Environment

Barks and Resins – Forest

Solar Infusion