Supper Club (2021-10-01)

Now that I’m back to school, it’s been a few weeks since I’ve had the chance to do a dinner outside of our regularly scheduled program, which goes something like: Taco Tuesday; food that my parents dropped off; Indian Thursday; Cheese, charcuterie and bread on Fridays… After a few weeks of slowly getting used to our new schedule (back to work with a baby), I’m easing my way back into learning and improving my craft by doing more of these dinners where I try new recipes/techniques.

Foie gras, blackberry and truffle (oil)
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Supper Club (2021-09-05)

Going out with a bang! The last supper club of the summer was a big one…to celebrate the end of summer, but also an excuse to bust out some of the fancier items we’ve been hanging onto in our freezer (before we defrost it).

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Supper Club (2021-08-20)

Braised leeks, black garlic and parmesan foam

With summer holidays coming to an end and the school year full of uncertainty, I want to do as many supper club as possible by the end of the month…but let’s face it, I might be able to get one more in before school starts. The plan is to continue working but slow down to once a month come September (I will re-assess once school gets rolling, I do enjoy it!). Supper club this week was all about learning new things: 1) Megan pushed me to go vegetarian this dinner (dairy ok); 2) mould-making for the corn dish; 3) seitan as a main and 4) testing new ice cream recipes because we are trying to only have homemade ice cream at home now.

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Supper Club (2021-08-10)

Green Giant water with its pulp, cherry tomatoes, mozzarella, jalapeno apple jelly, parmesan crumble, finished with sacred basil leaves and flowers.

Appetizer. Tomato salad 2.0 – It’s interesting to look at how a dish evolves from its inception to the final product. Without any iterations/failures, the dishes can’t get any better. I originally bought the mozzarella (wanted to buy a burrata, but couldn’t find it in Brampton) for the previous tomato salad but never got around to it using it that day and so it ended up on this plate.

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Supper Club (2021-08-02)

Green Giant tomato with pickles (ground cherries, red onion), house cured lardo and a tomato water vinaigrette

Megan and I recently decided to revive some sort of supper club again. In part, to make up for the fact that we haven’t travelled or dined anywhere exciting for quite a long time. But mostly because we’re missing the fact that we used to take turns doing supper club as a family: one a month, someone would take charge of making an elaborate (or more elaborate than usual) dinner for everyone else – typically something we’d never made before. We never really got mom and dad to step outside their comfort zone, but dinner was always interesting.

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