Beet and Goat Cheese

This beet and goat cheese dish is inspired by some famous Spanish chefs (Roca and Adria) with some interesting techniques and surprises to entertain your diners. This dish has multiple components: Toasted walnut and cocoa soil, goat cheese sphere, goat cheese mousse, roasted beets and the sugar beet (a beet blown out of sugar).

As Billy would put it – “Beets by Royce”. In terms of the beets, the roasted beets were placed in 350˚F oven for about an hour or until tender, it is then marinated in orange juice and hibiscus syrup. And as for the blown beets, sugar was cooked and then blown using a sugar pump. Read More

78 Degrees Catering Presents: Chefs without Kitchens

Green pea shooter, bacon salt rim, mint

Hitz Foccaccia, olive oil butter, sea salt

Slow cooked beets, ashed goat cheese, goat beemster, orange and raspberry gel, orange vinaigrette, arugula microgreens and flowers, tarragon 

Sous vide beef, potatoes, green and yellow beans, glace de viande

Carrot cake, cream cheese topping, candied walnuts, raisin syrup, cinnamon ice cream, coconut ganache, Li Farm carrots