Kefir: Yogurt’s Easy-Peasy Cousin

Earlier this year, we wrote about our recent obsession with homemade yogurt. Not only is it a fun project, there are several practical benefits to incorporating this DIY as part of your routine, namely: reduced waste, and (this one was news to me) reduced cost. That’s right – it turns out that making your own yogurt is significantly cheaper than buying it from the store!

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Yogurt at Home: 2 ways

We’ve been making our own yogurt at home for the last year or so. It’s really been more for fun than anything else. I have a hunch that it’s not exactly more economical (more on that at the end). But there is something that I find so exciting about the magic transformation that takes place. Another bonus is that we’re eliminating a lot of the waste that goes along with buying and eating yogurt on a regular basis (I mean, realistically one can only find so many uses for all of those plastic tubs).

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English-Style Scones


When done right, scones have a crazy-high return on investment. With a few basic ingredients, and a few not-so-complicated steps (we’re basically making biscuits here, people), you have a deliciously flakey – sweet or savoury – pastry. We already have one scoopable-scone recipe, this one is a more traditional dough and processes. Different shapes – both delicious. Can’t choose? Make both!

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English-Style Scones (Scoopable)


At school we often have to prepare breakfast, catering for teachers when they come for professional learning (PL). My students and I try our best to have a spread of freshly baked items along with fruits, yogurt, and coffee (of course!) upon their arrival. The baked goods include muffins, cookies, and Costco croissants that usually involve an embarrassing confession when someone asks if they was made in-house. Croissants made in-house? That’s the dream! But until we can afford a table-top sheeter, we will be working on madeleines, financiers, scones, and other items that are a little more practical to make in-house.

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Acai Smoothie Bowl

Acai Smoothie Bowl with bananas, Ontario peaches, hemp hearts, chia seeds and granola.