Paris: Day 6

Alain Ducasse’s Chocolate Factory

Our third Patrick Roger Shop.

No trip is ever complete until I get a Michelin starred meal. 

Paris: Day 5

We have arrived at The Chocolate Academy.

Getting a special private chocolate demo from MOF Serge Granger

Tasting time. 
At Or Noir Lab, they can develop your own brand of chocolate specific to your taste and only for your company.

Jean Jacques explaining where they source their beans.

Here you can start to develop your own preference by tasting the base line chocoolates from different regions of the world.
L’Eclair De Genie by Christophe Adam

Paris: Day 3/4 (An inside look at Patrick Roger’s Factory)

On our third day of Paris, my good friends gave to me, a tour to Patrick Roger. 
(Now read it again in your head to 12 days of Christmas.)

Orange slices ready to be enrobed.

Some of these chocolates haven’t even hit the stores yet

A 50kg tempering machine just for Patrick to play around to make his sculptures

A picture with the man himself
An enrobing line. I need one of those for Shoko Chocolates.
He even produces his own honey for his chocolates

Bye for now.

Our second Patrick Roger shop.

Great Croissant. Voted 3rd best! 

We got lost looking for a cookbook store and ended up walking through the louvre.
Our dinner at Au Pied Du Cochon. Unfortunately, this restaurant is not as good as the one in Montreal. 

Paris: Day 2

Today is the first day of the competition, our second day in Paris, everyone is sleepy, tired, and jet lagged. 

My pass for the week. I’m representing Shoko at the International scene.

Go Canada!

The reason why we were there, to guide him to move his showpiece. 

Roaming the streets of Paris at night.
Our second time at a Maison Georges Larnicol

Entirely out of chocolate

Paris: Day 1

During the summer, a friend of mine asked if I can lend a hand while he practiced for the World Chocolate Masters. My immediate response was “Yes! When do I start?”. To me, it was an honour that a Brazilian Chocolate Master would ask for my help. So it began, throughout the summer and fall, we would practice multiple times a week, building showpieces and testing out recipes over and over again. 
As time passes, and multiple versions of the chocolate showpiece came and gone, we got closer and closer to the day of the competition. Being the good friend that I am, I had to go to Paris and support him!
I took a week off of work and got there a day before the competition, which means I had some pastry shop hopping to do.

Our first stop: Patrick Roger.

Chocolate sculptures of a festive pumpkin and a monkey is on display.

I particularly liked the little mini chocolate sculptures that they have here.

Here, you can find an assortment of tablets, dragees, caramels and pastries.

After exploring pastry shops all over the city in just a few hours, we decided to sit down at a cafe and share our delectable. Sitting in my chair enjoying a cafe Americano and some desserts made by some of the best in the city, it suddenly hit me, I’m in Paris!
You can’t come to Paris without visiting Laduree.

Richart specializes in mini chocolates and macarons

I got the best macaron I’ve ever had in my life in this story!

Hugo and Victor looks like a jewelry store. Everything you see is behind counters and glass. They specialize in seasonal caramels inside their chocolate. I don’t think I was suppose to take pictures here. 

Me in my Crooks and Castles Sweater in front of the Arc De Triomphe. #ghettoasiankidinparis
The rumours are true, the McCafe in Champs Elysees sell French Macarons.
Our last stop of the night. Ordered a Grande Macaron Isaphan at Laduree, ate it and then back to the hotel.