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Cold Cultivation
Valley Between the Andes
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Barks and Resins – Forest

Solar Infusion 

Yasu: Feb 2015

Blue fin tuna (Mexico) – Photo Cred: @NatChanners
Seabass (Greece) – Photo Cred: @Natchanners

Torched gold eyes snapper (New Zealand)
Scallop with Himalayan sea salt (Hokkaido)

Baby sardines (Japan) – Photo Cred: @NatChanners

Seabream (Greece) – Photo Cred: @Natchanners

Snow crab leg (East Coast, Canada) 
Mackeral (Norway) – Photo Cred: @NatChanners
Sea Urchin (Vancouver) 

Salmon roe with Yuzu zest (Alaska)

Striped jack (Japan)

Monkfish liver (Boston)
Ocean trout (Scotland) 

Blue fin tuna belly (Spain)
Smoked Bonito (Japan)
Tuna hand roll with shiso (Japan)
Anago (Peru) – Photo Cred: @NatChanners


Baby sea eel (Japan) – Photo Cred: @NatChanners

Fluke fin (Boston)
Spanish Mackerel (Florida) 

Kaji Oct 2013

Over the summer, a couple friends and I decided to go to Patria for dinner. I was working on a peach farm at that time, not realizing what the dress code was at Patria, I strolled through the doors with a plain over worn t-shirt, some dickies, a pair of burks and a box full of peaches. After a great meal with friends over tapas and wine, Chef Kaji walks through the door. A common friend introduces us and we began to chat. I was telling him about what a great experience it was dining at Kaji and that I was going to make it a yearly thing. He started to tear up and said it would be a pleasure for him to celebrate with us year after year. Even at the height of his craft, he still stays so humble. 

Taro potato cake with chicken sauce, sea urchin grilled shrimp
Vinegared crab in an edible persimmon cup
A variety of sashmi: spanish mackerel, sea trout, seabream, lobster, octopus
A matsutake mushroom soup served in a teapot
Steamed seabream with young chestnuts

White fish and enoki mushrooms baked in a cellophane wrap
Kaji himself making sushi for the guests around the bar. 
Cold soba noodles with a clear dashi broth

Poached pears and granita, macaron
Green tea creme brulee with fresh fruit
On our way out, I gave him a box of shoko chocolates to say thanks. I hope he enjoyed it.