Halloween Bake Sale

Last week, my students have been super busy creating treats for the school and a group of elementary students that are staying with us for a short period of time. Here is some of their work:


 Spiderweb sugar cookies 
More decorated sugar cookies

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Sugar Cookies

A few weeks ago, an old student of mine came to Jean Augustine Secondary School as a guest baker to show our students how to make decorated sugar cookies. This student is now the proud owner of MistryCo Cakes where she creates stunning, one-of-a-kind designer cakes for any occasion. My students were super excited to have the opportunity to talk to a former student about their pathway in pastry arts — of course, it didn’t hurt they would get to hear someone besides me talk for a few days, either.
The cookie decorating was split up into 3 days. On the first day, the students rolled the dough out to a specific thickness. The dough was then baked at 375F for approximately 10-12 minutes or until it became slightly golden brown around the edges. The cookies were cooled on a rack, ready to be dipped on the following day. The next day, students dipped the cookies in royal icing in the follow colours: Yellow for Pikachu, Green for Bulbasaur, and so on. During the last day, students added the finishing touches with either icing or edible markers.
Pokemon sugar cookies from MistryCo Cakes.

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